The Relevance of Shikara Boats in Alleppey Backwaters

july 10, 2018
Alleppey also is known as Alappuzha. It is one of the fourteen districts in Kerala. The Alappuzha district is blessed with the huge amount of backwaters. The backwater tourism of Kerala owes a lot to this famous district in Kerala. There are a number of tourist attractions in the district apart from backwaters. Alleppey backwaters comprised of a network of rivers, criss-cross canals, lagoons, green paddy fields, beaches etc. In order to enjoy backwaters here, tourists can depend on houseboats, motor boats and Shikara boat Alleppey. Shikara boats are wooden small country boats specially designed to travel in backwaters, especially in the network of canals present here. Hence the relevance of Shikara boats in Alleppey backwaters is very high and a lot of tourists and travellers depend on these types of boats for sightseeing and travelling.

The convenience of Shikara Boats

The best experience of backwaters in Alleppey is the canals here and in order to travel here, one has to depend on Shikara boats. Shikara boats are specially meant to cruise through remote backwater villages in Alleppey. On a Shikara boat Alleppey, tourists and travellers can explore backwater villages such as Kuttanad, Kainakary and many other villages. There are various types of Shikara boats Alleppey. Each of these boats can carry four to twenty people at a time. Backwater canals are not accessed by houseboats in Alleppey and to visit these places, the convenient mode of travel is Shikara boats. People who have a tight schedule and do not have enough time to spend a long time in houseboats also can opt to travel in a Shikara boat and experience Alleppey backwaters. While travelling in a Shikara boat, tourists and travellers feel that they are close to nature and it is a fact too. Shikara boat cruises are conducted for a maximum of three hours and it provides a great experience for travellers of all ages. It is a convenient option for sightseeing in Alleppey for people who do not have a whole day to spend in houseboats.

The Most Cost-Effective Way to Experience Alleppey Backwaters

The money you plan to spend is the main highlight of a backwater tour. When you plan to enjoy in Alleppey backwaters, it is necessary to plan as per your budget. Shikara boat Alleppey is the most cost-effective way to experience backwaters because it offers great opportunity to be in backwater spending minimum from your pocket. Compared to houseboat cruise, Shikara boat cruises are really inexpensive and can be completed within a short span of time. Houseboats provide everything you crave for and there is no dearth of comfort, food and other basic amenities. However, if you plan to visit other places in Alleppey and in the vicinity, the cost-effective option to experience backwater here is Shikara boats. The remote villages in Alleppey invite you on a Shikara boat. You can enjoy green paddy fields, lagoons and water birds coming near you while on a Shikara boat. The network of canals provides you with an endless opportunity to travel and experience backwaters at any time of the day.

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