Shikara Boating Alleppey – An Overview

july 8, 2018
Shikara is relatively small boats compared to houseboats and are a perfect option to travel through Alleppey backwaters. Shikara boating Alleppey is a mind-blowing opportunity for you to be away from your hectic life, stress and strain of daily life. Are you on a tour to Kerala or plan to visit Kerala sometime in future? Do not miss Shikara boating Alleppey. Shikara boats are the most ecological product of Kerala tourism and it was there even before the concept of houseboats originated. Traditionally, these types of boats were used to carry people and goods from one place to another and later when other means of transports developed and have become the order of the day, Shikara boats were used to exploit the tourism sectors of Kerala, especially in Alleppey. Now Shikara boats are known as floating paradise on earth. Shikara is a small model of bigger houseboats. A Shikara boat has a seating capacity from four to twenty people at a time and has comfortable seating facilities.

Alleppey has a special place in the minds of tourists from around the globe and each tourist has a very impressive story to tell about Shikara boat cruises here. Shikara boats are made of wood and have a covering made of bamboo and coconut coir ropes overhead. Tourists can enjoy the panoramic view of Alleppey backwaters as all sides of Shikara boats are open. Seating arrangements of cane chair and wooden bed are arranged for a cosy and relaxed cruise. Every Shikara boat is decorated beautifully with ornaments and colours. Shikara boats are motor operated and have a driver to guide it through the proper channels. Usually, Shikara boating Alleppey takes place in canals in Alleppey. The village life, green paddy fields, fishes gliding in water, water birds and custom traditional life of Kerala villages are a mind-blowing experience from a Shikara boat. During the cruise, tourists can interact with the people here and know their culture and life from a closer distance. Shikara boat cruises are organised for a minimum of 3 hours and can be extended as per packages and at the demand of the travellers.

The cost of Shikara boating Alleppey is affordable to all tourists touring Alleppey. Shikara boat cruise will be enjoyed by all types of people. You can also celebrate every special moment of your life on Shikara boat, including birthdays, job promotions, marriage anniversaries etc. it is suitable for friends, colleagues, couples, honeymooners and families from around the globe. Welcome to Alleppey – the lap of backwaters. Every voyager is assured of a secure, calm and peaceful cruise here. Every crew in Shikara boats are known to handle all types of situations and are dignified to mingle with travellers from nooks and corners of the world. The most rejuvenating ride in Alleppey backwaters is better enjoyed in Shikara boats. We invite you all to a Shikara boat ride in Alleppey and to float in water to experience the ever-amusing intensity of nature.

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