Kerala Houseboats and Houseboat Cruise

july 6, 2018
Greenery and beautiful surroundings are the serene ambience of Kerala, the beautiful state in India. This beautifully blessed state in India is gifted with natural wonder known as backwaters. Backwaters in Kerala are a chain of serene and captivating lagoons and lakes. Kerala, popularly known as ‘Gods Own Country’ and tourism is fully developed here thanks to a large number of backwaters present. Kerala houseboats are the exclusive feature of tourism here. Houseboats have earned a name for Kerala in the tourism map of India. If you plan a tour to Kerala, houseboat cruise is a necessary event in it.

The Uniqueness of Kerala Backwaters

A chain of lakes, canals, rivers, lagoons is comprised of backwaters in Kerala. The presence of backwater is there in almost all districts of Kerala and backwaters of Alappuzha, Ernakulam and Kottayam are highly popular and Kerala houseboats are very popular in these destinations. Cities and ports act as the beginning and stopping places of houseboat cruises in Kerala and therefore, reaching the place is very easy and convenient. The presence of unique ecosystem in the backwaters here make it all the more pristine and worth visiting once in your lifetime. Backwater is the point where fresh water from rivers meets the Arabian Sea. Vembanadu Kayal is another attraction and largest backwater body here. The water of this lake is pure and is not salty. Hundreds of houseboats cruise into this lake daily.

Alleppey – The Best Backwaters in Kerala

Alappuzha or Alleppey is known as ‘Venice of the East’ and the best time to visit the place is between August and May. Monsoon season is not the best time to visit backwaters in any place. There can be sudden downpours and it can take away much of your fun-filled moments. Kerala houseboat operators in Alleppey hold the finest boats here. An overnight cruise or a day cruise is the perfect way to explore the backwaters and the surrounding places here. The rate of a houseboat is affordable and price of food also included in it. Three meals, tea, snacks are included in the menu. Every houseboat has a prescribed menu, but clients can change them as per their taste and requirements. There are a number of houseboat routes available to be chosen before the cruise commences. Alleppey backwater route, Kumarakom backwater route, Alleppey to Kumarakom backwater route is some of the popular ones. Tourists can opt for one of these routes as per their wish and liking.
There are many categories of Kerala houseboats available to be hired. Houseboats are classified as standard, premium and super deluxe and government of Kerala classifies them as platinum, gold and silver. In order to avoid any hurry-burry on the spot, you are advised to book a houseboat beforehand. You have the types of houseboats with double deck, sun deck or without upper deck to be booked. Rooms of houseboats are air-conditioned and well furnished. You are invited to a serene ambience of houseboats that float in the best backwaters of Kerala.

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