Houseboats Kerala – My Experience

April 20, 2018
I am a married guy with a lot of flair for travelling and sightseeing. As my first wedding anniversary was fast approaching, I discussed with my wife as to know where she prefers to celebrate it. Actually, we have been waiting for this occasion to escape to some serene and tranquil places to celebrate. Hence, she suggested that we celebrate this great occasion of our own in Houseboats Kerala. Though it did not excite me much in the beginning, read on to find how we have had a uniquely different experience of our life in the backwaters of Kerala on a house boat cruise.

We booked a single bedroom houseboat for our celebration. There are houseboats of two and three bed rooms to accommodate more number of people. Single bedroom Houseboats Kerala suited our purpose and therefore, we decided to choose it. We entered the houseboat also locally known as ‘Kettuvallam’ at 11:30 am. Our travel agent assisted us to the houseboat and there we were greeted by the boat crew. They welcomed us with a small ceremony and we were served refreshing drinks. The travel agent left us as soon as he felt that we were at home and we personally felt an at home feeling inside the houseboat. The boat left the shore and we were taken to our room. Placing our luggage, we came to the deck to for sightseeing.

The boat was floating in the calm and pristine water and we realized that we were moving forward slowly but steadily. We saw lively villages, their life and culture on both sides of our boat. People traveled on small canoes carrying goods to the market. We could see even small children moving on canoes as experts. It was quite lively and amazing. We also could see many other boats which carried guests on them. The amazing look on each of their face told us that they are on a sightseeing which they have not seen in their whole life. As we cruised on, we were feeling like royalty. We both understood that we made the right choice to celebrate our first wedding anniversary in the most perfect setting and ambience. We could be halted on toddy shops on the way and snacks and toddy were available there to be purchased. Altogether, it was a uniquely different experience for both us.

The boat was stopped at the middle of the lake for lunch at 1 pm. Though the boat was anchored, it slowly rotated itself to provide us really awesome experience. We felt it was the really blessed time in our life. The lunch was superb. In the evening, we could get down from the boat and roam in local villages. Dinner as served at 8:30 pm and we were off to bed at 10 pm and we had memorable never before sleep in the room of a floating houseboats Kerala. In the morning, we felt fully refreshed and were ready by 8 am for the breakfast. We cruised back to our check out and at 9am we said goodbye to the boat crew and it was the end of our amazing and memorable trip on a houseboat.

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