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May 23, 2018
Kerala is a land of estuaries, lakes, canals and rivers combined together to be perfectly called as Gods own Country. Though small in size, the state has 44 rivers amalgamating into the Arabian Sea. The state boasts of a labyrinth of nine hundred kilometers of navigable water way. A self-sustaining eco-system full of life is the special feature of ever-so-enigmatic backwaters of Kerala. A luxury Houseboat Kerala trip provides you with the special opportunity to enjoy all these aromatic specialties with your near and dear ones, family members, friends etc.

Backwaters of Alleppey and various other places in Kerala are booming with purest and more organic nature at its best. Travelers who have a thirst for nature at its best form can travel to one of these backwater destinations with their dearest ones. Usually, friends, couples, families and colleagues find this wonderful gift of nature worth enjoyable in each other’s company. Newly married couples find these places as the most suitable places to celebrate the beginning of their love. Spending time in the heart of nature filled with lush green vegetation creates a spectacular imagery for everyone to enjoy and celebrate.

Holidays are the best time to visit backwaters and enjoy the huge expanse of lush great vegetation from luxury houseboats Kerala. These houseboats in Kerala were known as ‘Kettuvallams’ in olden days and they were used to carry cargo from various parts of Kerala, but today they are used only for sightseeing and enjoyment. Nails are not used in the construction of houseboats; instead ropes made out of coconut fiber are extensively used. In modern times, construction of houseboats makes use of eco-engineering technology.

Among the top class houseboats in Alleppey, houseboats of Alleppey Backwater Cruises are rated as the premium houseboats. At Alleppey Backwater Cruises, we have merged tranquility with luxury and therefore, we have equipped all the facilities that are necessary for our guests. In the midst of luxury and tranquility, our luxury houseboats Kerala take you through water lilies, coil villages, temples, rural places, coconut gardens, green paddy fields and Chinese fishing nets. All these places enchant one and take to a delirious state of enjoyment and thrill.

Our houseboats are known for world class facilities and service. We have employed well trained and Expiernece crew on board. Crew in every houseboat consists of a driver, chef and cabin assistant. They sense your needs even before you tell them what you need. You have the option to choose houseboats with one, two or three rooms. Every room has attached bathrooms. Usually, people choose house boats with more number of rooms if they travel in groups. Couples and honeymooners always book houseboats with single bed rooms. Irrespective of the number of rooms in a houseboat, all of them are luxuriously furnished and ready to accommodate guests from any parts of the world. We welcome you to float in the lap of serenity in fully furnished and air-conditioned rooms in a luxurious houseboat.

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